The Protectors of Ionia Event adds two new champions to Wild Rift

September 15, 2022 (5 months ago)

League of Legends announces new characters with the latest Wild Rift event. There are challenges that must be met in order to progress, and you earn tokens which can be used to unlock more fighters.

Both characters have a history and are familiar to those who played the first PC version. The first one is Shen, a tank or support character.

With cutthroat competition and limited space, there is always something to put up at an auction. This weeks topic is about the new market that rolls out with every event. I mean, it’s like we needed a reason to keep talking about this amazing game all the time.

At the start of the game, you’re expected to complete most challenges simply by playing. Once that’s accomplished, you can unlock another challenge which will require a little extra effort to get through. That’s it for the first layer!

More information about Protectors of Ionia and what you can expect to earn for completing the event are found here.

If you’re new to mobile Moba games and want to try them out without having to buy anything, download League of Legends – Wild Rift on the Play Store. The game is completely free with in-app purchases, but they offer some pretty big gameplay bonuses.

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