The Free Fire Lets Players Build Their Character of Choice Using the Character Link System

September 15, 2022 (5 months ago)

With an upcoming update, Garena is releasing a new character system known as the “Character LINK”. This new feature will allow players to choose which character they will play in this Battle Royale game.

The LINK System, which was first introduced in their open beta test is an innovative new character selection method for players. The system lets players select which characters they want to play before the 23rd of March. Each character’s availability within the LINK system will be displayed by a countdown timer on their icon.

To continue playing Free Fire, everyone needs to eventually complete the LINK. This unlocks your chosen character for a lifetime. You can also compete to complete your LINK faster by using currency earned from playing Free Fire. Having completed the last LINK, participants can then proudly display their achievement in the form of a character card showing the ID number of those who completed it first.

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