Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Alpha Test Kicking Off Next Month

September 15, 2022 (5 months ago)

The Closed Alpha test of Rainbow Six Mobile will be held in the United States, Canada, and Mexico with two game modes on May 3rd. The test will include 16 Operators and a Bank or Border map. Android users in these countries can sign up for the Closed Alpha by visiting the official website. When they’re selected, they’ll receive an email containing a unique code to log into the Closed Alpha.

Closed Alpha Test

Rainbow 6 Mobile will begin a closed alpha test next month. Ubisoft will be releasing a developer’s diary about the game this week. The game will feature Bank and Border maps, as well as 16 operators including Ash, Sledge and Hibana. While Ubisoft hasn’t mentioned an exact date for the start of the closed alpha test, the developers explain that the test will last for a couple of weeks.

Rainbow Six Mobile will be released later this year for Android and iOS devices. The developers haven’t decided which platform will be available first, but the closed alpha provides a great opportunity to get the game before it hits the markets. The closed alpha is open to US, Canadian, and Mexican residents and the developer promises to reward players for testing their skills with early access.


Ubisoft has announced that the first map for the Closed Alpha test of Rainbow Six Mobile is Border, Bank, and Bank. The game will feature 16 operators in the Bank and Border maps as well. As Scout leaves it all on the table to try find a way to do what he’s passionate about, as you’ve probably noticed, we’re still at our very early stages of development. While there are limited features available in this version of the game, we hope that everyone plays it with patience and a desire to see how far we can take this game before it’s ready for a wider release.

Games such as Battlefield 1, Need For Speed and Black Ops 3 are undergoing closed alpha tests that allow the developers to collect feedback from participants on gameplay and features. Ubisoft said there is no NDA attached to their test, which encourages gamers to participate without fear of violating any terms of service.


With a wide variety of game modes, you can play for hours before finding the spark of enjoyment in Bomb and Secure Area options. Although the game has no NDA attached to its alpha test, it’s okay if you want to give your feedback on what you like and don’t like about it.

Whether you’re a PC gamer or someone looking for your next mobile game, if you want to try out the Closed Alpha for Rainbow Six Siege, make sure to visit http://www.onnity.it/rainbow6/. This will give you access to the two multiplayer modes – Bank and Border – and 16 Operators.

PvP modes

Rainbow Six Mobile’s Closed Alpha will launch on May 3, but the game’s full release is likely months away. With the same core gameplay from Rainbow Six Siege, the new mobile game includes PvP and co-op modes. The limited Alpha features two distinct modes with one map: Siege.

In quickmatch, you can choose between two types of PvP games. One is quick match and one is ranked. Quick match requires you to be level 50 when you play, while ranked is similar to casual multiplayer with a few minor changes. In order to be ranked, your team must win at least four rounds, but after nine rounds a maximum can happen.

Registration process

With the release of the game’s information trailer, mobile gamers might just speed up the process of registering for participation in the upcoming Rainbow Six Mobile closed beta test. To get early access to the closed-test period, visit Ubisoft’s website. The Rainbow Six Game campaign website will have pre-launch information, maps and Operators along with a blog post from Ubisoft developers.

The registration process is simple. All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire with some basic information about yourself. If you’ve played mobile shooters before, you can expect some questions about that experience. You can also select whether or not it’s worth your time to finish the questionnaire. The final step involves selecting the device you’ll be playing the game on. If you enjoy tactical role-playing games, then perhaps you are good enough to take part in the closed beta test.

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