Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid takes players back to the 80s, with Snoop Dogg.

September 15, 2022 (5 months ago)

You can recharge and arms yourself for the newest season of Call of Duty Mobile with Season 3’s retro-themed Radical Raid sale. The Radical Raid sale starts soon, so don’t wait to gear up your mobile device!

Newly released Radical Raid Battle pass includes a unique set of blueprints and weapons, as well as charms and operators skins. The brand new content is available for free to all players, but VIP users can also get exclusive content in the form of skins based on a variety of 80s-themed outfits. These skins include those themed after Clownpin Gunzo Glam Park, Chrome Dump American Bulldog, and more exclusive sets.

This map is unlike those in other games and does not have the retro Cold War style of Miami Strike. Instead, the player has the option to play offensive or defensive. There are also other new features in Season Three that include Season Two’s Training Ground 2.0, which is a very customizable Practice Range designed for every player to improve on their skills. The Command Panel can be used to modify the entire simulation environment that players find themselves in during fights. It tracks different fighting parameters and is nicknamed the Player Data Panel.

Though players only have an advantage when playing with the people they joined, Raul Menendez is back in town and it’s up to them to meet him or risk missing out on potential tokens which can be exchanged for unique rewards.

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